If you are an ACAA Accredited or Associate member and have provided accessibility input into a project, that will be of interest to other consultants, share your experience on a poster, that highlights the challenges and outcomes and demonstrates effective universal design. It might even be that the designers have been unable to come up with a good solution that overcomes the challenges of topography, heritage or cost and you have developed a performance solution to address the issues well.

Use the poster to give others ideas or simply prompt discussion. Share the inclusive design aspects that worked well, the challenges that were creatively met, we want to see what you are all up to and exchange ideas, encourage each other and promote inclusive design. We are hoping for a range of projects – new development and refurbishments in public spaces and buildings, residential developments, transport projects, education facilities and aged care facilities.

The A1 poster itself can be a mixture of a brief text mixed with pictures, and other presentation formats.

We have requested electronic abstracts be submitted, so we can select a variety of projects and issues. The conference committee will then request a number of posters be prepared (details will be supplied re hard copy format) for displaying in the venue during the conference.

Following the selection of posters, a number of award winning posters will be selected and the consultant asked if they would like to briefly present the poster during one of the conference sessions.





In the abstract submission please provide:

Consultants Details
Consultant Name
Access Consultant Accredited or Associate Level
Architect and Client Details
Project details
Type of Facility
Class of building if applicable
Key accessibility highlights/ issues in a brief abstract
List briefly any challenges (for example heritage, topography, existing structure)
Good design solutions and/or poor outcomes
Lessons learnt

Selected presentations will be required to be in a single poster size format that will be displayed in the foyer area of the conference venue.

Details of required format will be issued to selected consultants.




Abstract submission closes: 13 May
Successful submissions notified: 21 May
Posters required in electronic format: 23 July